Established in 1929, Keisen Jogakuen is a private Christian girls school located in Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan. With a Junior and SeniorHigh School, our campus has over 1100 students across Years 7-12.

With a focus on international understanding and peace, our curriculum focuses on developing intellectual curiosity and solid academic achievement.Through various experiences in school life,students learn about themselves, society and nature; to developindividuality, respect for others and a love of nature.


Keisen Jogakuen is located in Setagaya, Tokyo. Our peaceful neighborhood is in the urban area of Japan’s capital, with easy access to central areas such as Shinjuku and Shibuya. The school is a short walk from Kyodo Station on the Odakyu Line.

Our campus includes a garden for horticulutre studies, language learning labs, auditoriums for regular worship services, a range of sports facilities, a contemporary library, a cafeteria and a tea house for traditional Japanese studies.


School days at Keisen begin with morning worship,followed by a balanced range of classes, before ending with club activities focused on culture and sports.

Our curriculum includes English, Japanese, social studies,mathematics, science, religion, music, arts, horticulture,technology, health and physical education. Through our English program, students deepen their understanding of different cultures - learning to accept others’ values and developing respect for one another.


With a strong focus on international relations, exchanges have been a huge part of life at Keisen for the last 30 years.


Through AFS and YFU programs, two international students study at Keisen on year long exchanges annually.
Focused classes prepare them for the Japanese proficiency test with grammar, conversation and kanji studies.
Through cultural classes and staying with Keisen host families, they experience Japanese culture, customs and language first hand.


Many Keisen students study abroad each year to widen their understanding of the world.

  • Empowerment Program (5 days) with American University students.
  • Short-term (17 days) in Eureka, United States and Brisbane, Australia each alternate year.
  • Medium-term (3 months) at Fairholm College, Mt Alvernia and St Margarets in Queensland, Australia.
  • Long-term (1 year) exchanges in Moreton Bay College,Australia and through AFS and YFS programs.


Beyond the classroom, Keisen students are involved in club activities and their local community.


There are clubs focused on gardening, art, literature, manga, theatre, music, photography, film, operetta, science, karuta and English conversation.


There are clubs focused on basketball, volleyball, badminton, tennis, soft tennis, dance, kendo,running, cheerleading and soccer.


Additional clubs include choir, handbell, orchestra, tea ceremony, flower arrangement, calligraphy and science adventure.


Students participate in various activities such as farm camp, peace walks, art and study tours,volunteer work in nursing homes and church visits.